The Fairy Bible

The Fairy Bible Author Teresa Moorey
ISBN-10 1402745486
Year 2008-07-01
Pages 400
Language en
Publisher Sterling Publishing Company

Fairies of the water, air, and earth, the trees and flowers, the house and hearth: all these mysterious, elusive creatures materialize on the pages of this distinctively beautiful guide to fairyland. Illustrated throughout with captivating artwork in glorious color, it examines fairy legend and lore through the ages and leads us into fairy cities, landscapes, rings, and paths. Find out what clothes they wear (fairies can be fussy about their dress), what they like to eat and drink, and what plants and animals they cherish. Discover the secrets of fairy festivals, and the various names they like to be called--including the Little Folk and Good Neighbors. Altogether, it’s a privileged glimpse into a paradise that vibrates at a different frequency than ours...and that few can ever see.

The Mythology Bible

The Mythology Bible Author Sarah Bartlett
ISBN-10 1402770022
Year 2009
Pages 400
Language en
Publisher Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

A guide to myths, gods, and goddesses from cultures and civilizations throughout history, providing descriptions of individual dieities, looking at significant myths from various places in the world, and including an investigation of mythology themes.

Good Faeries Bad Faeries

Good Faeries Bad Faeries Author Brian Froud
ISBN-10 9780684847818
Year 1998-10-15
Pages 192
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

A reversible volume in which good fairies such as the green man, the wood woman, and the pixies are described on one side, and bad fairies such the gnome, Black Annis, and Morgana le Fay are described on the other


Fairies Author Janet Bord
ISBN-10 9781782432449
Year 2014-01-13
Pages 282
Language en
Publisher Michael O'Mara Books

Tales of fairies at the bottom of the garden are usually dismissed as fantasy, but many ordinary people claim to have encountered them. Fairy lore has a long history, deeply ingrained in the folk memory of many different peoples and cultures. Janet Bord's fascinating investigation of this unexplored aspect of the supernatural reveals where you might be expected to meet fairies, under what circumstances, and what they would look or sound like. The author investigates the strong links that exist between sightings of fairies and of creatures alighting from UFOs. Are fairies beings from other planets, fallen angels, or our primitive ancestors? Whatever the verdict, the evidence of fairies is surprisingly convincing.

Faery Magick

Faery Magick Author Sirona Knight
ISBN-10 9781564145956
Year 2002-08-01
Pages 222
Language en
Publisher Career Press

Learn how to attract faery beings, plus the Golden Rules of the faery realm to bring enchantment to your life.

A History of Irish Fairies

A History of Irish Fairies Author Carolyn White
ISBN-10 0786715391
Year 2005
Pages 123
Language en
Publisher Carroll & Graf Publishers

A rich compendium of information on Irish fairies covers a wide range of related issues, including clothes and appearance, immortality, personality, and demonic powers of cluricauns, leprechauns, Silkies, Banshees, and Pookas.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Elves and Fairies

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Elves and Fairies Author Sirona Knight
ISBN-10 9781440690662
Year 2005-06-07
Pages 352
Language en
Publisher Penguin

The most complete book on these powerful magical beings. Elves and fairies provide a magical mirror into the human psyche and can help people better understand themselves. In The Complete Idiots Guide to Elves and Fairies, readers encounter and learn from an array of magical creatures, and discover how they can positively influence their lives. Key topics include fairy magic in the 21st century, how to recognize an elf and what to do when you meet one, how to attract good elves and fairies, and how to protect yourself from bad ones. * The Lord of the Rings trilogy, on film and DVD, have increased people’s interest in elves and their ways * Brian Froud’s The Faerie Oracle, Good Fairies Bad Faeries, and Lady Cottington’s Faerie Album have kept fairy lore and fairy images in the public eye for more than 25 years * This book explores fairy tales, folklore, and mythology, including modern fairy tales like the Harry Potter series

The Mythical Creatures Bible

The Mythical Creatures Bible Author Brenda Rosen
ISBN-10 1402765363
Year 2009
Pages 400
Language en
Publisher Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

Presents entries on creatures and legends from around the world, featuring mythic entities including dragons, serpents, golems, banshees, nature spirits, and sacred beings.

An Encyclopedia of Fairies

An Encyclopedia of Fairies Author Katharine Mary Briggs
ISBN-10 IND:30000055895233
Year 1976
Pages 481
Language en
Publisher Pantheon

First ed. published under title: A dictionary of fairies. Lists entries on fairies and other supernatural creatures, and terms and phrases associated with them.

A Field Guide to Fairies

A Field Guide to Fairies Author Susannah Marriott
ISBN-10 0764162020
Year 2009-09-01
Pages 32
Language en
Publisher Barrons Juveniles

Presents a guide to the fairies, including garden fairies, house fairies, tree spirits, sylphs, and sea maidens.

The Great Encyclopedia of Faeries

The Great Encyclopedia of Faeries Author Pierre Dubois
ISBN-10 IND:30000067712483
Year 2000
Pages 183
Language en

A comprehensive resource to themagical realm of faeries plumbs the world of mythology to paint a vivid portrait of this rich folkloric tradition. Original.

Seeing Fairies

Seeing Fairies Author Marjorie T. Johnson
ISBN-10 1938398262
Year 2014-07-04
Pages 388
Language en

THIS IS NOT A CHILDREN'S BOOK. Its accounts of fairy experiences, mostly from the twentieth century, have come from business men and women, housewives, journalists, clergymen, bus drivers, anglers, gypsies, school teachers, university professors, soldiers, artists, authors, poets, musicians, sculptors, actresses, and many others who have seen fairies of various types in houses, churches, and sheds; in gardens, fields, woods, country lanes, and public parks; on moors, hills, and mountains; and even on sewing machines, typewriters, and kitchen stoves. In 1950 Marjorie T. Johnson became Honorary Secretary of a resurrected Fairy Investigation Society, which had been founded by Capt. Quentin C. A. Craufurd, and she collected accounts of fairies and also angelic beings from many of the members. In 1955 the Scottish author and folklorist Alasdair Alpin MacGregor collaborated with her in sending letters to the national press asking for further true experiences, and many more were received. The result is this book, published here in English for the first time. Marjorie Johnson's only request was that readers peruse the book with an open mind. "THIS BOOK IS SPECIAL because it brings together an unprecedented number of fairy sightings... There are here about four hundred sightings from around the world. In short, this is the biggest single collection of fairy experiences ever amassed... Whether fairies are out there (author points to wood, hedgerow, and waterfall) or in there (author points to balding head of middle-aged 'witness') then they need to be explained. Marjorie gave us, in these pages, the tools to do just that." - from the Introduction by Simon Young

A Complete Guide to Faeries Magical Beings

A Complete Guide to Faeries   Magical Beings Author Cassandra Eason
ISBN-10 1578632676
Year 2002-10-01
Pages 220
Language en
Publisher Weiser Books

If you have ever believed in a world beyond the everyday, this is the book to help you find it. A Complete Guide to Faeries and Magical Beings is a wonderful companion for those who wish to tour an enchanted world. Cassandra Eason begins with the myths, legends, and real evidence surrounding the origins and existence of fairies and then takes us on a journey throughout the world to introduce us to the many different varieties of these mysterious beings. From fairies to viking giants, selkies to gnomes, fey beings abound. In this spritely volume, Eason shares fascinating anecdotes of people who have actually seen them. And if you'd like to meet them yourself, Eason also provides simple techniques, exercises, and rituals to attract, find, and communicate with the little people. Hang silver bells by a window. Keep potted plants in your home. Or sit quietly between two oaks at dusk or dawn. Fairyland mirrors universal human issues: fortune versus misfortune, fate versus free will, perfection and imperfection, illusion and objective reality, different time scales, the existence of parallel dimensions, and the duality of human nature. Some people even believe that fairies are becoming more visible again, as they were in pre-industrial days, to remind us of the consequences of consumer society -- the danger of being seduced by our own versions of fairy gold. "If you want to be happy, be." -- Henry David Thoreau